The bitch of the two sisters Carpentier found

La chienne des deux sœurs Carpentier retrouvée

The mom of the little Norah and Romy Carpentier received Thursday, a rare good news in the mourning which afflicts, which is a little balm on his sentence, if there is one. His dog Roxy, who had fled on the day of the funeral of the two small, has been found in good health after 10 days of research.

Roxy, a labrador crossed with a German shepherd, is the dog small Norah and Romy, have gone missing and been found in a wooded area of Saint-Apollinaire, killed by their father, Martin Carpentier. The animal had fled from the residence of a neighbour of the mother of the girls who took care during the difficult day of the funeral, July 20.

Several reports have led to the organization of a research group, headed by Geneviève Duperron, responsible for the page Facebook “Ge Seeks Charly”.

The latter, a resident of Drummondville, often lends assistance to families who have lost their pet. It puts at their disposal its expertise in the research and organizing efforts. Except that this intervention had something special.

Amélie Lemieux, the mother of Norah and Romy Carpentier, is reunited with his dog Roxy, who was away 10 days earlier.

“Amélie [Lemieux] was a reference to his daughters in some of the messages that we were sent to the research group and I couldn’t help but burst into tears. They are the reason why we continued and we were putting all our efforts,” says Ms. Duperron, whose publication of research on social networks has been shared nearly 6,000 times.

Found in good health

In spite of a notification on 22 July that noted that Roxy had been caught by a car on highway 73, in the area of Charny, the quarantine of volunteers has never lowered the arms. Three beaten were held, a gesture that has deeply touched Pierre-Olivier Lemieux, the uncle of Norah and Romy, who participated in the research.

Pierre-Olivier Lemieux, the brother of Amélie Lemieux, poses with Roxy, the dog of the two sisters Carpentier, in the minutes after its discovery.

“[The loss of Roxy] was in addition to the family drama and we could not understand why it happened. The research that followed came to bring a good dose of positive. […] This wave of love has helped a lot,” says the brother of Amélie Lemieux.

Roxy has finally been found on a small island of the Chaudière river, to the height of the avenue of the Rotunda. A cage has been installed to facilitate the capture, which took place in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

The animal, miraculously in good health despite the fact that it has been hit by a car, was returned to his owner Thursday morning. A veterinary hospital in the region has also offered to take charge of the evaluation of the dog.

“My s avenue de la Rotonde.ur was very pleased and relieved to find it. It was a beautiful moment of reunion full of emotions,” says Pierre-Olivier Lemieux.

Balm on the drama

It is therefore a very special bond which will unite the family now Lemieux, Genevieve Duperron and volunteers who participated in the research.

The one that is behind the page Facebook “Ge Seeks Charly” is actually well looking forward to meet Amélie Lemieux, finally.

“We only exchanged messages and talked once on the phone and it was already very emotional. […] It is a bit surreal to have been able to bring a little balm on the drama that these people have gone through. It’s been a lot of good,” says Geneviève Duperron, adding that a barbecue is organised between the family and the volunteers.

“Everyone is eager to meet the famous Roxy!”

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