The Biterroises unfortunate finalists in the Coupe d’Occitanie U18 and U15

The Biterroises unfortunate finalists in the Coupe d’Occitanie U18 and U15

Haie d’honneur pour Béziers, battu en finale U18F. N.H. – N.H.

Engaged in two Coupe d’Occitanie finals, this Saturday, in Saint-Gaudens, AS Béziers leaves without the slightest trophy.

This Saturday, for the Béziers players, it was all grimace. Competing for a remarkable double in the Coupe d’Occitanie at the start of the weekend, they ultimately lost in their two finals.

A defeat in the derby for the U18s

In U18, Lilian Verbecke's players were opposed to Montpellier HSC. A difficult meeting which saw the Biterroises fall a goal behind in the 17th minute and a penalty from Samoun. The ASB players did not manage to get back together before the break, the fault of Carrière, the dirty goalkeeper. Returning from the locker room, Le Douarin manages to reset the scorers (1-1, 42nd). But hope is short-lived. The MHSC scores three more goals, and the fate of the match is decided.

The Biterroises unfortunate finalists in the Coupe d’Occitanie U18 and U15

Finalist's Cup for the U15 women of Béziers beaten by Toulouse. N.H. – N.H.

The TFC too strong for the U15

The Béziers U15s also came up against a simply stronger team. Opposed to Toulouse Football Club, they saw their opponents of the day make the difference in twenty minutes. First on an own goal from Aschendorf, and by Dardake. Shortly after the restart, Delhalle, the Béziers goalkeeper, received a red card and had to leave her partners at 10, eliminating any hope of a comeback. Obviously disappointed, Pierrick Laguerre was pragmatic at the end of the meeting: "We knew it was the best team in the game ;Occitanie, but my players were ready to create the feat", he said.

Technical sheets

U18 Women's Final:

AS Béziers… 1
Montpellier Hérault… 4

Half-time: 0-1.
Referees: MM. Gilloux, Aziz, Jacomet.
Goal for ASB: Le Douarin (42nd).
Goals for the MHSC: Samoun (17th, sp), Valats (46th), Rougelet (72nd), Enjolras (75th).
Warnings to MHSC: Vanoukia (51st), Valats (62nd).
AS BÉZIERS : Rivallain – Keo, Corcoral, Got, Gumiel – Ferraro, Le Douarin, Terzi, Escot – Berre, Fauran. Then Garcia, Mauri, Siciliano, Daumas.
Director: Lilian Verbecke.

U15 Women's Final:

Toulouse… 2
AS Béziers… 0
Half time:
Referee: Lina El Ghalmani.
Goals for Toulouse: Aschendorf (10th csc), Dardake (19th).
Warning à Toulouse: Nennouche (42nd).
Expulsion à l’ASB : Delhalle (50th).
BÉZIERS : Delhalle – Aschendorf, Gimenez, Martinez, Drama – Lonjon (cap.), Jnah Jo., Galibert – Jouslin, Jnah Ji., Pical. Then Dougados, Berrez, Ternisien, Villatoro.
Director: Pierrick Laguerre.

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