The blonde star of “Kvartal 95” admitted health problems: “I’m ready for…”

Звездная блондинка из "Квартал 95" призналась в проблемах со здоровьем: "Я готова к..."

today, 16:06

Famous comedian from “Women’s quarter” Lera Tovstoles that actively leads his Instagram page, before the new year holidays was pleasantly surprised their own fans. So, 24-year-old girl has published a new picture that has already liked considerable number of people.

On it, the actress appeared in an elegant way: the black vest and the same color shirt, which she pulled on his shoulders. It’s all the girl stressed the unique make-up in pink tones, large earrings and perfect hair.

Звездная блондинка из "Квартал 95" призналась в проблемах со здоровьем: "Я готова к..."

A screenshot of the message

“As for me, the new year picture) As you ?) I’m almost ready for New year, tree, outfit, manicure and pedicure, still have to cook, but it’s all 30 th. To work in the new year’s eve and lastly get well”, – has signed a snapshot of the Joker.

Note that in the comments under the article, the fans showered the girl with compliments and believe its incredible beauty.

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