The blood Zelensky took the actor of the series “Matchmakers”

Vladislav Karakulov also works as a masseur in one of the private clinics

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Кровь у Зеленского брал актер сериала "Сваты"

Vladimir Zelensky

The presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on the morning of 5 April, blood took a former member of Ukrainian cooking show “Master Chef’s 8”, and the actor of the series “Matchmakers-5” Vladislav Karakulov, reports TV channel “ATR”.

Кровь у Зеленского брал актер сериала "Сваты"

Participant of the show “Master chef” took the blood of Vladimir Zelensky.

On the website Vladislav cooking show called “doctor with a fine mental organization.”

Кровь у Зеленского брал актер сериала "Сваты"

And here is the footage from the shooting of “Svaty 5”.

Кровь у Зеленского брал актер сериала "Сваты"

As it turned out, Vladislav Karakulov now works as a massage therapist. On the website of one of private clinics of Kiev there is also information about the doctor. His profile says he’s a masseur, a doctor on General hygiene, specialist selection of individual insoles and paramedic first category. His medical experience of ten years.

Кровь у Зеленского брал актер сериала "Сваты"

According to some media reports, the President of this clinic is Andrei Palchevsky — Russian and Ukrainian entrepreneur, and television presenter, who openly supports Vladimir Zelensky in the presidential election.

We will remind, earlier Poroshenko and Zelensky agreed to hold a public debate at the NSC “Olympic”, the current head of state Petro Poroshenko and presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky on Friday, April 5, passed the medical tests to check for alcohol and drugs. It was one of the conditions Zelensky before the debate.

Recall, April 3, Vladimir Zelensky received a call Poroshenko to debate and set its terms. In his video, he unexpectedly offered to the incumbent President the “fight” on the “Olympic” and put forward a number of conditions: “All candidates must pass a mandatory examination, that they are not drug addicts and alcoholics. Ukraine needs a strong President.”

In turn, a freelance adviser and the speaker of the electoral headquarters of the incumbent President Oleg Medvedev, said that Poroshenko agreed on the conditions Zelensky tests. The head of state is scheduled to meet his opponent at the Olympic stadium at 09:00 on 5 April.

Later Petro Poroshenko has repeatedly asked the presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky and reminded him about the invitation to the debate. Poroshenko confirmed his decision to participate in the debate at the NSC “Olympic” and asked Zelensky not to look for reasons to abandon debate on the stadium, which he himself initiated.

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Кровь у Зеленского брал актер сериала "Сваты"

Кровь у Зеленского брал актер сериала "Сваты"

Кровь у Зеленского брал актер сериала "Сваты"


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