The Blue Jays have their destiny in hand

The Blue Jays have their destiny in their hands


Having a stellar streak since the start of September, the Toronto Blue Jays are closing in on a playoff berth, but despite the finish line in sight, they will be contesting very important series against direct rivals in the American League.

Before Monday night games in major league baseball, the Blue Jays held a six-game lead over the first-place Baltimore Orioles. club ousted from playoff portrait. It is with a series of three games in Baltimore that the Canadian team will end its schedule.

By then, the Jays will meet the Tampa Bay Rays for four matchups. The St. Petersburg club only trails by half a game. The New York Yankees, first in the Eastern Division, will be at the Rogers Center three times.

Tuesday and Wednesday, the Jays will play two games in Philadelphia against the Phillies who, despite four defeats straight, will try by all means to maintain their two-game lead over the Milwaukee Brewers, or they will be eliminated.

Ranking constantly changing

The next matches will therefore be crucial. The Blue Jays remain masters of their destiny despite everything and seem in full possession of their means. They have only lost five out of 18 meetings in September.

“There's no point looking at [the standings],” George Springer said after Sunday's 5-4 loss to the Orioles, according to the Toronto Sun. I don't see why I would. The ranking changes every day. They can turn around in an hour.”

“As long as our team is doing what they're supposed to do, it doesn't really matter to me. I don't care what other clubs do. It's up to us.”


Still, the cushion of six games with 15 games to play will allow us to plan a bit for the series of the best second to come in the event that the team qualifies, starting with the identity of the starting pitcher.

“We have to look at the remaining schedule and look at different options and ideas, said the coach. Pete Walker pitchers. Obviously we have to qualify, but you have to think about how the rest of the regular season will go, just like [for the first game of the playoffs].”

In that sense, all the scenarios , which could have different outcomes, particularly in terms of home advantage, could have an impact on future decisions.