The Blue Jays rely on Buffalo

Les Blue Jays s'en remettent à Buffalo

It is at Buffalo that the Toronto Blue Jays will play likely their home games in 2020.

According to this alleged network, Sportsnet Friday, the team from the Queen City will take the Coca-Cola Field, a stadium located in the State of New York. In normal times, the club-school of the Jays in the AAA level is located in Buffalo.

There are less than a week, the Blue Jays learned that they could not compete for meetings at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, because the canadian government has not given permission, due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The Blue Jays have also evaluated the possibility of holding their local parties in Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

The only canadian team in major league baseball began their calendar to the alien for the first five duels of the season 2020, first in the face of the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday. They should host the Nationals in Washington on July 29.

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