The blues have lost : the penalty kick of the match France United States not respected, the tweeters in anger

Les Bleues ont perdu : le pénalty du match France Etats-Unis pas respecté, les twittos en colère

The blues have lost in the 8th of final : tweeters angry about the penalty not given during the match France United States (1 to 2). A tough loss for the team of France football women

No, there was no penalty at the meeting yesterday evening, according to the referee. However, the hand is clearly visible on the videos of the match France United States. The Blue ones have been stolen according to the many French supporters.

The supporters of the Blue upset

No, the history of penalty kick of the Blue during the match which opposed France and the United States (1, 2) is not passed at all. The players of the France team lost at the important meeting on Friday, 28 June 2019 at the Parc des Princes, in the framework of the eighth-finals of the women’s world cup. The supporters of Blue have been shocked by this defeat and above all very angry against the referee. According to them, the sport would have to be entitled to this penalty and equalize.

The arbitrator Ukrainian Kateryna Monzul has therefore been poorly received by the French(e)s during the game last night. The problem is that in the 85th minute, a hand appeared through the surface. But the one that mediated has not complied with the penalty kick and did not even wanted to view the video help in the arbitration (VAR).

“The arm was not sufficiently take off”

The former international referee, Joel Quiniou, said : “If the player increases its body surface by spreading his arms, and unjustly obstacle is more important, the regulation said that there was a penalty”. “The referee and the VAR have had to consider that the arm was not sufficiently off to whistle the penalty,” he added. A technical detail that the tweeters are not pointed out.

According to Canal Plus, giving the floor to Tony Chapron, “the guidelines for the use of less excess of VAR would have been given to the referees before the quarter-finals”. Which there still is a lot to talk about.

Amandine Henry, the captain of the Blue, for his part, has confided to the microphone of TF1 : “We dominated the match but we did not find the fault. We have made a mistake. It is a lack of experience, clearly. It has not been effective enough”.

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