The body of canadian military personnel missing in the Ionian sea have been found

Les corps des militaires canadiens disparus en mer Ionienne ont été retrouvés

OTTAWA | The body of canadian military personnel missing after the crash of their helicopter Cyclone in the Ionian sea at the end of April have been found Wednesday, have announced the canadian armed Forces.

After leaving Greece on Monday, the joint team of us and canadian military arrived on the crash site Wednesday morning.

Captain Maxime Miron-Morin, systems officer air battle, a native of Trois-Rivières.

The research specialists have been happy with the handling of the underwater remotely operated REMORA III, who is quickly able to locate a part of the fuselage of the helicopter at a depth of 3143 meters.

“The bodies of CAF members who died were also found in the vicinity of the wreck,” said the national Defence by issuing a press release.

“This is encouraging news. We don’t abandon our colleagues who died, and the recovery of the crew of the Stalker 22 is of a paramount importance to us”, has excited the commander of the Command of Canadian joint operations, lieutenant-general Mike Rouleau.

More details will follow…

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