The body of Martin Carpentier regained: the mother will never have an answer to the question “why?”

Le corps de Martin Carpentier retrouvé: la mère n’aura jamais de réponse à la question «pourquoi?»

The body of Martin Carpentier was found near Saint-Apollinaire Monday night, a few hours after the funeral of the small Norah and Romy Carpentier, found without life on the 11th of July last.

This discovery puts an end to a run of 12 days to find the chief suspect in the tragic death of the little girls of 6 and 11 years.

“My thoughts go first to the mother, that I have taken in my arms this afternoon,” launched from the outset, senator Pierre-Hughes Boisvenu, in an interview with LCN, present at the funeral of the girl child celebrated on Monday at Lévis.

“It’s going to be very important to surround him and I hope that at this level the Association of families of persons assassinated or disappeared (AFPAD) will play a very important role to bring him support,” says one who has himself lost his daughter, who was murdered in 2002.

“A parent who loses a child in any circumstances is always say “that is what I would have been able to do so that it doesn’t happen” (…) The woman is wearing currently on his shoulders a pain unimaginable,” adds the one who has offered his support to Amélie Lemieux, mother of the small Norah and Romy.

The importance of the community

Pierre-Hughes Boisvenu, who has already lived this sorrow in the past, believes that the entourage of Ms. Lemieux will have a leading role.

“This mother has loved her children, they are still there in another dimension and now it is up to the community to play its role, is the support, but unfortunately, she will never have answers to their questions… “Why?””, “Mr. Boisvenu.

“Each of the 8 million Quebecers must take a parcel of the money from Ms. Lemieux and ensure that it is hers”.

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