The Bolivian vandalize antennas telecoms for fear of the coronavirus

Des Boliviens saccagent des antennes télécoms par crainte du coronavirus

Villagers have destroyed the antennas of telecommunications Monday in Bolivia, according to the local press, being convinced that they were of technology 5G, associated wrongly by conspiracy theories to the transmission of the COVID-19.

Bolivia does not have a technology 5G.

The minister of the Interior, Arturo Murillo, said on Twitter that supporters of the Movement for socialism, the party of former president Evo Morales, “destroy antennas in San Julian, Ichilo, and Yapacani”, in the east of the country.

In Yapacani, near the town of Santa Cruz, four communications towers have been destroyed. The police were overwhelmed by protesters, but there has been no major incident.

“We have been overwhelmed. This attitude borders on the terrorist attack”, said the head of the local police, Franklin Villazon, quoted by the newspaper El Deber of Santa Cruz.

According to the same newspaper, of the inhabitants of Yapacani have shown to ask the mayor to dismantle the antennas of telecommunications, fearing the 5G, which, according to their beliefs, is capable of transmitting the Covid-19.

After these incidents, the supervisory Authority for telecommunications (ATT) has published a statement to remind that this technology is not available in the country and to ensure that it is not related to the coronavirus.

“The country has antennas with technologies 2G, 3G and 4G,” said ATT. “The claims linking the technology 5G and the spread of Covid-19 have no basis in science”.

The previous week, an antenna, telecom had been destroyed in the department of Cochabamba, the government, denouncing a “terrorist attack”.

Bolivia to date, more than 19 000 cases of contamination COVID-19 for 632 deaths.

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