The boss of Airbus warns of the risks for employment in the United Kingdom

Le patron d'Airbus met en garde contre les risques pour l'emploi au Royaume-Uni

PARIS | Airbus risk of removing more jobs in the United Kingdom than in France or Germany for lack of extension in London of the device for partial unemployment beyond the month of October, warned Friday the boss of european aircraft manufacturer Guillaume Faury in the Financial Times.

The measures of partial unemployment, where the State takes charge of all or part of the salary, can help ‘ cushion the reductions of workforce and retain the skills,” pleads he. “If we do not have this system in the United Kingdom, we must seek more permanent solutions then we would have been able to avoid this for a part of the workforce”.

London has extended until October its scheme of partial unemployment, when France is poised to maintain it for a period of up to two years.

Airbus, which has fallen by about one-third of its production, employs 13 500 persons in the United Kingdom, 48 000 in France and to 46 000 in Germany, and must announce this summer’s restructuring measures to cope with the crisis.

“We want to be able to keep all of the teams, we want to be able to keep skills and we want to minimize the impact on employment”, said Mr. Faury AFP Tuesday, after the presentation of the French plan of € 15 billion ($23 billion) of support for the aeronautics industry and, in particular, to develop the aircraft of the future. Germany will, it is to invest 9 billion (13 billion $) to become the champion of hydrogen, a potential fuel for aviation in the future.

Guillaume Faury, “it is time for the Uk to do what France and Germany have done” and to engage in the future of its aerospace industry.

“In one year, these projects will have been launched and it will be too late”, warned the chief executive officer of Airbus

The plants british Airbus are specialized in the construction of the wings, but “there are other areas, such as propulsion, where we believe that the United Kingdom could increase its financing”, he explained to the FT, saying it was also concerned about the”deadlock” negotiations on the relationship post-Brexit between the EU and London.

The engine manufacturer british Rolls-Royce, specialising on engines of wide-bodied aircraft, the largest category affected by the air transport crisis, announced in may the removal of at least 9,000 jobs.

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