The boss of Facebook ensures that you have no secret agreement with Donald Trump

Le patron de Facebook assure n’avoir aucun accord secret avec Donald Trump

New York | The boss of social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, criticized for his apparent leniency towards some of the messages controversial Donald Trump, has assured Monday not you have engaged in any secret agreement with the american president.

“I am aware of this speculation, but we must be very clear: there is no agreement of any kind “, said the responsible person in an interview with the news site Axios.

“The mere idea that it could exist an agreement is in fact quite ridiculous,” he added.

Mr. Zuckerberg acknowledges talk “from time to time” with the current tenant of the White House. But he has also had several conversations with his predecessor, Barack Obama and other political leaders in the world, he recalled.

It is regularly criticized on Facebook for not fighting enough against material issues and misinformation, and several large corporations, including Starbucks, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Unilever and Ford, have recently decided to stop buying advertising space from the company.

Disney, usually a large customer of Facebook, has also decided to join the protest movement in “significantly reducing” its promotional expenditures on the social network, said on Saturday the Wall Street Journal.

Facebook has decided in may to leave them as-is messages, posted by, Donald Trump may discourage the vote or inciting to violence against citizens demonstrating against racism.

The network has, however, decided in June to remove advertisements published by the electoral campaign of Donald Trump who had a nazi symbol.

The boss of Facebook on Monday stressed not to have a priori not received many favors from the current administration, the group, including having been sentenced in 2019 a record fine of 5 billion dollars by the us agency for consumer protection, for not having been able to protect the personal data of its users.

Facebook is also the subject of investigations for infringement of the competition on the part of several government agencies and is subject, like other Internet giants, a decree calling into question a law providing digital platforms to provide immunity against any lawsuit brought by you related to the contents published by third parties.

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