The boss of Twitter gives $ 3 million to test the universal income

Le patron de Twitter donne 3 millions de dollars pour tester le revenu universel

San Francisco | The boss of Twitter Jack Dorsey, is going to give three million dollars to allow the mayors of several cities in the United States to experiment with the implementation of a universal income, he announced in a tweet.

The sum will be given to an association of Mayors for a guaranteed income (Mayors for a universal income), just created, and which brings together the mayors of 16 cities of the country, activists in favour of the introduction of a universal income.

“It is a tool to bridge the gap of wealth and income, level systemic inequalities related to skin colour or gender, and to create economic security for families “, commented in a Tweet published Thursday evening, the boss of Twitter, whose fortune is estimated at $ 7.3 billion by Forbes magazine.

“The entire network is so grateful for this support. Together, we can run the american economy for all the world, ” replied the association of mayors in another tweet.

Mayors for a guaranteed income brings together the 16 mayors of the United States, including those of Atlanta (Georgia), or Seattle (Washington), but also that of Los Angeles (California).

Jack Dorsey had already announced in April that he was going to give a billion dollars to help in the fight against the pandemic of sars coronavirus, and that he subsequently wished that the money should be redirected ” to the health and education of girls, as well as the universal income “.

He had explained that, in order to unlock this amount, it would gradually sell shares of his other company, Square, which specializes in digital payment.

The universal income was a guest in the american presidential campaign with the former candidate for the democratic primary, Andrew Yang, of which the main project was to provide every American 18 years and older with income of $ 1000 per month without condition.

He believed that this was to help counter the pressure of the automation that could, according to him, deprive him of work one-third of Americans over the next 12 years.

Since then, the crisis of the COVID-19 was multiplied by more than 10 the number of Americans who live in unemployment. They are $ 18 million to be paid a stipend, and thousands of others have lost their jobs but can do nothing to touch.

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