“The box of beautiful things” by Christine Arbour and Johanna Lezziero: the fun times first

«La boîte aux belles choses» de Christine Arbour et Johanna Lezziero: les moments agréables d’abord

Inspired by the emotions that she has experienced the death of his mother, Christine Arbour has put words to the grief, so that the children understand better, in an album sweet and tender, illustrated by Johanna Lezziero : The box of beautiful things. The book, published by golden Button of Acadia, shows how the bonds of family, memory, and the tenderness count, and may offer a glimmer of hope to the little ones who have lost a loved one.

While the flora and fauna are waking up around a little girl, in the spring, a grandma will turn off. This departure hurts, and the small no longer wants to play. The time passes, the seasons also, and she built a box to beautiful things, it fills with beautiful moments and pleasant memories, in memory of his grandmother.

Christine Arbour has drawn in his own memories to write this story a very fresh and bright, beautifully illustrated by Johanna Lezziano. “I wanted to speak about the importance of celebrating the passing of time, the ups and downs of life. For the small and the great, the grief is still pointing the tip of the nose in our lives, whether it be with strength, with gentleness, with surprise, taking detours, at times.”

For a child, the grieving process can be in the form of the loss of a loved one, a pet. “The losses are many and it is complex, to discuss the grief with a child. I believe that a child who loses a loved one, sometimes it is difficult to explain in concrete terms what it is, death. The guide in the journey to tame the loss, it is not easy for you.”

Images soothing

Christine Arbour believes that it is necessary to put them in their place, imagine what they live, use simple words. “I believe that it is necessary to use images bright and soothing, but practical, such as those of Johanna, so that they do not become anxious with the non-said about the concept of death.”

She adds that the power to live with the memory of the human being is common to all. “It’s, nothing and no one can take that away from us. In my opinion, it is necessary to focus on the beautiful memories to help us move forward with more lightness in life.”

Writing The box of beautiful things presented to it between two words, unfinished, at the bedside of her mother, which she was fortunate, she says, to hold the hand until the end. “I wanted to lay my eyes on the small children she would leave behind her, those who have briefly known and those who know through all the memories that we share as a family.”

Current context

A few days ago, she learned that one of his friends had lost his mother, and that his children had not had the chance to see their grand-mother, confined in the context of COVID-19, as several. A context that impacts our daily lives, and our resilience in the loneliness, she adds.

“He came to me a lot of emotions thinking of all the great moms, balls of love and courage, and the grand-dads as strong as the storm that is currently going through difficult times. Appoint of things, it’s good.”

Johanna Lezziera has slipped some rainbows here and there in the illustrations… pure coincidence, because the book was already finished and printed when the pandemic began. “The book was ready, but he was stuck between the printer and the distributor. With the movement #Çavabienaller, it raise precisely the message of hope, ” said Christine Arbour. The books are often used in support to talk about grief with children.”

  • Gaspé heart and root, Christine Arbour has lived in Quebec city for many years. She is a graduate in consumer science and journalism.
  • Johanna Lezziero, a native of France, has always had a passion for drawing and the animal world. After 10 years spent in the universe of children’s fashion as a textile designer, she decided to live with her husband, a great adventure in Canada.


Christine Arbour, illustrations Johanna Lezziero
Editions Button gold Acadia

The box of beautiful things
Christine Arbour, illustrations Johanna Lezziero
Editions Button gold Acadia
32 pages

Then, in my memory of the elephant that I call my ” box of beautiful things, I placed a lot of moments funny, looks affectionate to heal the pains and sorrows.”

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