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The boycott of the fourth vaccine

The fourth vaccine boycott


Quebecers are in a foul mood over the COVID-19 vaccine. Last week I received the fourth dose of the vaccine. I found myself in a reassuring place where the staff welcomed the citizens, few in number, with a kindness that touched me.

The Director of Public Health, Luc Boileau, has taken up his pilgrim's staff to encourage Quebecers to roll up their sleeves again. But this time, his appeal does not seem to be enough.

When questioned, citizens say without embarrassment that they are fed up and that they feel protected thanks to the vaccines they have already received. In short, they join without admitting it the cohort of antivax who are ready to applaud their refusal.

What to do then? The Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, who will no doubt return to his ministry next Thursday, knows what awaits him when his compatriots suffer the onslaught of the eighth wave. Once again, hospitals will be blocked by the influx of patients requiring intensive care.

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