The Boys season 2 : Butcher will be “evil”, Karl Urban does not take his character

The Boys saison 2 : Butcher sera "diabolique", Karl Urban n'assume pas son personnage

The Boys season 2 : Butcher will be “evil”, Karl Urban does not take his character

Incredible but true, Butcher can be even more stamped than it has been this year in The Boys. Karl Urban, his interpreter, confessed to having trouble taking the actions of her character in season 2 of the series of Amazon Prime Video. Attention spoilers.

A series more gross than the other

You love the series The Boys of Amazon Prime Video, the platform of Amazon ? Karl Urban loves to play in it. Where the fictions of super-heroes are far from being unseen on our screens (poke the Arrowverse with his 7824 series), the interpreter of Butcher recalled to GQ, which separated the other : “one of The best things with the writing of The Boys, is that there is a lot of grey areas for all of the characters. This is never all white or all black. It was not only an ideology of good guys against bad guys.

And while season 2 is already promising to be much more violent and bloody, with a rise in disturbing Homelander, the actor has clarified that these new episodes will surprise us : “What we understand better in season 2, which is the true power behind the hero.” Yes, the various military agencies should be a little more open their doors and their secrets…

A Butcher evil in 2020

On the side of Butcher, that season 2 of “The Boys” should also take the opportunity to explore more in depth his personality and his psychology. A true happiness for Karl Urban, obviously a fan of her character : “It is great to play thanks to the internal conflict that is going on in him. There is a war inside of Butcher. It has both the capacity to be the villain and the hero.

A double facet “enjoyable to play” for the actor, which should give us a result that is memorable to the screen. Karl Urban has promised its actions will be more crazy than ever in 2020 : “When I think of the season 2, there is some stuff that are absolutely diabolical. And I pray you do not have to personally pay the karma of what he did. I am not for nothing but I feel guilty to give them life.”

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