The Boys season 2 : first trailer-bloody, gore and violent

The Boys saison 2 : première bande-annonce sanglante, gore et violente

The Boys season 2 : first trailer-bloody, gore and violent

Small Christmas gift in advance from Amazon Prime Video : the first trailer of season 2 of the Boys, his new original series, comes to be unveiled. The program ? Blood, gore and violence. All that we love. Attention spoilers.

Revelation of 2019 in the world series, The Boys will come back in 2020 on Premium Video – the streaming platform, Amazon, with a season 2. At the present time, little information is already known about it, if not, is that new characters very sadistic will make their appearances. However, if we look at the very first teaser unveiled on the net, you can already expect a new year that will surpass the previous one in all areas.

A season 2 more gore than ever

You can find below, as promised the players these last few weeks, the episodes will be much more violent, much more bloody and worn by a lot more action. In only 2 minutes of video, you can actually see that the confrontation between the team of Butcher and the Seven (especially Homelander) will be increased to the higher speed and will make many collateral damage.

Thing intriguing, however, Starlight will continue to play the super-heroine docile – despite everything she has been doing and learning over the past year, just as Queen Maeve. What to understand that truce is to come to fight against a common enemy ? To be continued…

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