The Boys season 2 : Jack Quaid promises a sequel “absolutely crazy”

The Boys saison 2 : Jack Quaid promet une suite "absolument cinglée"

The Boys season 2 : “nobody is ready,” Jack Quaid promises a sequel “absolutely crazy”

You thought you seen it all with the season 1 of “The Boys”? You were wrong. Jack Quaid (Hughie) just announced the season 2 of the series from Amazon Prime Video will be even more spectacular than the previous one and will enhance the level of insanity. Attention spoilers.

Season 2 of “The Boys” will not be brought online before 2020 on Premium Video – the platform of Amazon, but our level of hype is already huge. More details are revealed about her and the promise of new episodes in the epic and spectacular intensifies. And this is not the recent statement by Jack Quaid, who will reverse the situation.

A season 2 even more crazy for The Boys

Interviewed by Comicbook on the rest of the series, the interpreter of Hughie has just said : “Oh dude, no one is ready for season 2“. The reason for this ? “It’s just absolutely crazy“. Of course, the comedian could not be more precise about the plots to come, but it has unveiled the reasons for his excitement : “I just want to say it, the scale [of the event] is even more enormous. We got through season 1, especially in terms of the moments of crazy that make you say ‘what the fuck ?’“.

Above all, this season 2 has visibly taken a turn in his career. Again very mysterious on the subject, Jack Quaid has, nonetheless, stated with enthusiasm : “I’ve done things this season that are clearly first for me in my career and I don’t think I will repeat it one day. Really, there’s a moment… I can’t reveal anything, but when you see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about“.

Small Dad Christmas, one already wants to be in 2020 to discover that season 2. Thank you.

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