The Boys season 2 : the shooting of a scene too bloody cancelled by the city of Toronto

The Boys saison 2 : le tournage d'une scène trop sanglante annulé par la ville de Toronto

The Boys season 2 : the shooting of a scene too bloody and “disrespectful” cancelled by the city of Toronto

Small counter-time to the production of “The Boys”. While the creators were getting ready to shoot a scene ultra-violent and bloody for season 2, the city of Toronto, which hosts the shooting, has asked for its cancellation, considering it disrespectful after the bombing of 2018.

It was the promise of the creative team at the beginning of the summer, the season 2 of The Boys will be even more violent and bloody than the first. Good news for fans of this series of Bonus Video, a less-good for the city of Toronto, which has asked the production to stop filming.

A scene too violent for a city still traumatized

According to the Toronto Sun – picked up by Deadline, season 2 will feature a scene that is very special in which “a super-hero without limits is going to attack a crowd [of nearly 450 extras]. There will be a lot of people screaming and running around in this scene, as well as a considerable amount of fake blood“. The problem ? This sequence was supposed to be filmed at Mel lastman square Square.

However, this place is now a site of recueillements in tribute to the 10 victims of the terrorist attack in 2018, when a van rammed into the crowd in the vicinity of Yonge Street. Suffice to say that such shooting in such a place was far to be the most appropriate.

A “making-of “disrespectful”

Interviewed by the newspaper, John Filion (member of the board of Toronto), it was confirmed to be the origin of the cancellation of this event, explaining that it could lead to many misunderstandings : “there are people who work here who went to Yong St to help the victims of this attack. Some are still traumatized. And I think of the families, the relatives of these victims. (…) This has nothing to do with the disorder. It is simply that people could relive these events. It is disrespectful. Even if nobody sees anything, it’s still disrespectful [do it there]. I guess they did not think too much about it“.

Fortunately, despite the discomfort generated by this situation, “The Boys” is not boycotted by Toronto. At present, all parties would therefore be thinking of a new location for the filming of this famous scene.

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