The Brazil crosses the milestone of 60 000 died of the coronavirus

Le Brésil franchit le cap des 60 000 morts du coronavirus

RIO DE JANEIRO | Brazil, has passed on Wednesday the cape town of 60 000 people died of the coronavirus after having recorded 1 038 additional deaths during the past 24 hours, announced the ministry of Health.

Brazil, which has been the country in the world where the COVID-19 has the most deaths every day for nearly a week, deplores the fact that a total of 60 632 deaths, according to ministry data, considered to be very undervalued by the scientific community, because this country few practice tests.

Of great concern also, the number of new infections announced Wednesday, is one of the highest ever recorded, with 46 712 additional cases in 24 hours, a sign that the pandemic is far from being controlled in the largest country in Latin America.

The States of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the most affected, with respectively 15 030 and 10 198 deaths of about 290 000 and 116 000 contamination.

These two States are still in the process of resumption of economic and commercial activities after a confinement of more than three months.

In terms of deaths and contaminations — 1.44 million –, Brazil, with its 212 million inhabitants, is the country most affected by the coronavirus behind the United States.

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