The bread on the plate for restaurateurs

Du pain sur la planche pour les restaurateurs

All very happy, restaurateurs can no longer wait for the next reopening, even if the uncertainty persists over the duration of the measures of protection and on the fall more difficult, which will follow this summer special.

The Archibald Sainte-Foy, the associate executive director Ivan Waddell has found it extremely difficult this forced break of three months after a quarter of a century spent in the excitement of the industry.

The government will announce finally on Monday that the majority of the restaurants can reopen as soon as June 15.

Almost everywhere, the big institutions are going to certainly have an advantage during the redevelopment of the area. Same thing for those with a terrace larger than the average.

Call to book

“The terrace is going to be an issue. I have 180 seats outside. I’d like to stretch it to 40 places are still a bit on the parking lot. The phone has already rung twice for people who wanted to book June 15, ” says former olympic cyclist.

Much work remains to be done, however by this date, since the lines of draft beer, the water, the gas and the fridges have all been closed since the month of march.

Conversely, small gourmet restaurants of 20 or 30 seats will perhaps suffer more. Chef François Blais also believes to get a little better with the Bistro B-Cartier, that the Arvi, in Limoilou.

“This is good news, but the impact will be enormous. It is already a little late for many. The mayor went a little fast for the expansion of the terraces because it’s not as simple with the licence of the Régie des alcools, ” explains the conservator.

For the moment, no one wanted to decide on the duration of more stringent protective measures.


According to Jean Bédard, president and chief executive officer of the Group, Sportscene, which operates The Cage-Brasserie sports, it is easier to close than to open a restaurant.

“We’re going to be prepared as best as we can in the circumstances. I participated in all the work, but we have not yet the final documents. In the diagrams, the seats were almost aquariums. With time, a balance is done. In Switzerland, some of the measures have changed after two and a half weeks “, explained the businessman.

In addition, the government Legault announced yesterday that it will allow restaurants to deliver the alcohol through third parties such as Uber Eats. In the amendments, we also wish to allow that customers can consume alcohol without a meal must be served.

A re-opening expected

We will have to live with new rules of the game and customers are more nervous. The next months will bring a lot of work just to adjust to the customers and employees ”

– Jean Bédard, the restaurants, The Cage — Brewery sports

It is of the unknown. I am optimistic and I look forward to, but it does what with clients tipsy by the end of the night who don’t care about social distancing ? I don’t know how it will go. “

– Philippe Desrosiers, microbrewery Stainless steel

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