The bride and groom of the pandemic: after two years of preparations, they are united in front of 7 guests

Les mariés de la pandémie: après deux ans de préparatifs, ils se sont unis devant 7 invités

AMOS | young parents have reduced their list of 140 invited only 7 people to be able to marry this spring, after two years of preparation.

Sarah Deschênes, 24 years old, and Olivier Canuel, 25 years old, were ready to unite for the better and for the worse. Even in the time of a pandemic !

Unlike many couples who have deferred their union, they have decided, instead, ahead to may 22, to dock their 7th anniversary of dating.

“It was too disappointing and frustrating. We didn’t want to let ourselves be stopped by this, ” tells the new groom.

In a relationship for seven years and already parents of two children, the lovers had been practicing for two years to be married on June 20 of this year.

“At the beginning, I found the decision difficult. We had put so much time and money in there ! ” adds his wife, Sarah.

“The most beautiful day of my life “

The guest list has gone from 140 to 7, in order to meet a gathering outside a maximum of 10 people.

How to choose ? “We both had a witness, our mothers, our children and celebrating “, lists Olivier Canuel. The fathers of each of the married, residing in remote cities, have not been able to make it to the celebration. The sister of the groom, either.

Nevertheless, they have been against bad fortune, kind heart. “In the background, it does not need a lot of world to seal our love. It has still been the most beautiful day of my life ” says the husband.

With a few exceptions, all orders could be cancelled without charges.

The holding of a wedding, in all simplicity, has allowed the couple to save more than $5000.

This considerable sum has enabled them to start more quickly on renovations on their home.

A decision to ” rare “

On the six marriages that the organizer Mylène Valade was in charge of this summer, one of Sarah Deschênes, Olivier Canuel was the only one that has not been deferred.

“Another couple has decided to marry when same the 22 August, but they have postponed to next year a ceremony with all the guests,” said she.

Mylène Valade has not discouraged the couple, but had to be realistic.

“I warned everyone that, if the marriage were to take place, there would be security measures to be respected. A wedding is already stressful enough and the people decided they didn’t want to add any more, ” she said.

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