The bride and groom of the pandemic: say “YES” on an island at the time of the coronavirus

Les mariés de la pandémie: se dire «OUI» sur une île au temps du coronavirus

A couple has united his destiny behind closed doors on an island of Lanaudière in full pandemic, on may 9 last year, so that the bride has almost lost his life a few months earlier.

The owner of a small island housing a house of stones to The Epiphany has lent the place to Julie Bradette, 39 years old, and Olivier Bonenfant, 33 years old, so that they can celebrate their marriage.

“We wanted to find a location where there would be no curious who would we achaler,” explained Julie Bradette for which the date of 9 may, was significant because it coincided with the 5th anniversary of the couple’s life.

The father of the groom and the bride’s mother as a witness, a celebrating, the 13 year old son of Julie born of a previous union, the 3 year old daughter of the couple, a photographer and a videographer were present.

“The celebrating is a friend which has made us meet, and we changed the witnesses, because we wanted to have our parents in limiting the number of people,” added the bride, who has taken the necessary measures with the police and the City to do things by rule in the time of containment.

“We did not want to get a parking ticket of $ 4000 to our marriage,” added the one who exercises the profession of officer of insurance.

For family coverage

Julie Bradette suffers from a chronic lung disease and she has had to operate urgently in December to remove a lobe of the right lung.

“I went through an episode where I would have been able to stay there, was told that that was hospitalized for three months. The COVID is a threat to me and we decided to marry immediately for the purposes of family coverage if the worst happens. “

Ms. Bradette explained that these are not the same rules that apply when there is a common law spouse.

“It is more complicated, it may, in particular, have RRSPS that are returned to the government, she mentioned. And if one is married, the surviving spouse inherits the pension fund. “

Also for the right reasons

Olivier Bonenfant for his part, recalled that the couple also married for the right reasons.

“I’m glad to have it done even if it is not a marriage as all the world, he said. We had just lived the worst, it was due to the best. “

The celebration will, therefore, lasted about an hour in the middle of the afternoon. “I could kiss the bride and take the children, but we could not take in our arms with the other, he added. We will resume next year. “

The couple will be renewing her vows next summer in the framework of a civil marriage.

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