The bride and groom of the pandemic: the choice for love, form intimate to the church

Les mariés de la pandémie: le choix de l’amour, en formule intime à l’église

Couples who were determined to unite in front of God during the pandemic were ready to do so in the presence of only five people to not to postpone the time of their marriage.

Places of worship have not escaped the sanitary measures imposed by the public health.

Closed from mid-march, they were able to begin their déconfinement progressive that on the 22nd of June, so that gatherings of 50 people were allowed inside churches, mosques and synagogues.

Not surprisingly, the catholic Church has seen the vast majority of his marriages be deferred to the next year.

But some lovers who wanted to unite have been able to do so during the crisis, the Director of civil status, who have classified the celebration as a “priority service”.

Form “canonical”

The engaged couple should, however, say “yes” in the form “canonical”, that is to say, in the presence only of the bride and groom, two witnesses and the celebrant priest.

“This is the minimum allowed by the Church. This is what is required for a marriage to be celebrated”, says the father Brice Petitjean, parish of Saint-Thomas-d’aquin, Quebec.

“A few weddings” are held in this format during the crisis, including three in the city, confirms the priest Francesco Giordano, of the Archdiocese of the roman catholic of Montreal.

“The decision to proceed with the celebration of such marriages depended on the willingness of the couple, in spite of constraining conditions”, expresses he.

A “true sacrifice”

These binding conditions have often led to engaged couples to make choices that are heart-rending.

The priest Petitjean cites the example of a couple of Quebec, from two families, he married, June 20, in front of a handful of guests.

“It was a real sacrifice for them. They were asked to select the guests, they have not been able to make the party after as they wanted to. They have made the choice to love. It was a time very happy with those who were there, but it was challenging”, he comments.

Ever, despite the crisis, there had been issue for this couple to postpone the moment of their union.

“They were ready. They have made a step of faith for many months. For them, it was important that it could take place this year. They do not wish to wait any longer,” says the father Petitjean.

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