The bride and groom of the pandemic: the masks custom and funny for their loved ones

Les mariés de la pandémie: des masques personnalisés et rigolos pour leurs proches

Masks customized to the guests, gloves, and visors to the catering staff, tables, separated according to families, a capital twice as large as expected, a team of maintenance for the toilets : the wedding of Mélanie Simard and Sylvain Tremblay took an unexpected turn… but will take place this summer.

When the government Legault has announced the pause of Quebec in march, Mélanie Simard was realized that their wedding, planned in Baie-Saint-Paul on 20 June, in the honor of the second anniversary of her marriage – would be disrupted.

“At that time, everything was planned. We had everything prepared. We hesitated, but we decided to get married the same. The basis of marriage, it is to celebrate our love and union. It is done to us, not just for our guests,” says the bride-to-be, who was expecting around 125 guests for this special day.

Adjustment perpetual

The couple is spent in action mode : the date has been extended to 8 August, in the hope that the gatherings are again permitted.

With each new announcement of public health, the lover adjusted the plans for their event.

The barbecue has become a service to the tables, with servers masked. The barn that was to host the celebrations has been replaced by a huge tent outside.

The floor plan has been redesigned to comply with social distancing. Of hand-washing stations have been leased. The staff has been hired to clean the toilets after each use.

Mélanie Simard was even ordered masks custom, funny, that will be delivered to each of the guests.

“We are here!” puts forth the bride-to-be, who claims to have made “every effort to apply the sanitary measures in force”.

Number of guests undetermined

How many people can be present? Difficult to know for the moment. Engaged couples are prepared to accommodate 125, then 10, then 50. Remains to be seen where will be set the limit before the big day.

“We’re going to do it based on the number that you will be right”, she advocates with optimism.

Because the couple refuses to get overwhelmed by the situation and sees in this marriage a great moment of happiness.

“It’s all stress, adaptation. We just want to be together, even if it is two meters. No one had thought to live it. But life continues,” she says, serene.

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