The bride and groom of the pandemic: they have to renounce to a wedding party of 300 guests

Les mariés de la pandémie: ils doivent renoncer à une noce de 300 convives

A young couple from Quebec who wished to unite in the sacred ties of marriage must relinquish a wedding grandiose to accommodate originally some 300 guests.

Pauline Albisetti and Stephen Couture had to say “yes” on the 29th of August, at the church of Saint-Thomas-d’aquin, Quebec city, after which the bride and groom intend to celebrate their union on a large plot, to the island of Orleans.

No less than 300 people included on the guest list. It is that the bride and groom are both from large families : they are the elders of eight children ! What’s more, Pauline Albisetti has several friends and relatives who reside in France.

Coronavirus forces, this plan will obviously not come to fruition. But the engaged couple aged 27 years, who do not live under the same roof, were to go ahead.

“We passed by all kinds of emotions, but we don’t regret really not our choice. For us, the sacrament is more important than the party. It goes like this,” says Ms. Albisetti, who does not hide not, however, his disappointment at the situation.

Several scenarios

Now remains to be seen what the public health will, at the time of the union.

The couple is considering various scenarios. In the best of worlds, he would like to be able to bring a hundred guests to the island of Orleans.

If this is not possible, they rabattront on a wedding more intimate with a handful of their relatives, in their private cottage.

“We expect to see. The stuff open again, the gatherings are allowed. There are still a few weeks before making a decision. At this time, we are in the blur to be complete, it is very difficult to organise”, she advocates.

One thing is certain, the church ceremony will be broadcast live by video to allow friends and members of the family absent – as much in Quebec as in France – to share this special moment with them.

No second party

Unlike many couples who have decided to unite in any intimate during the pandemic in order to better celebrate later, Pauline Albisetti and Stephen Couture does not intend to organise another gathering at the end of the crisis.

“They will surely have an occasion to celebrate, for example if you buy a house. We will find a time to gather our families and our friends. But it will not be a marriage 2.0”, she explains.

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