The bride and groom of the pandemic: “This is not the COVID who is going to stop us”

Les mariés de la pandémie: «Ce n'est pas la COVID qui va nous arrêter»

The pandemic will not prevent the two lovers to get married this summer, while the family tragedies, and various trials to regrow their union for six years.

Steve Chayer, 36 years old, and Mélanie Lupien, 38 years, engaged since September 14, 2009.

“I have, however, learned that same year that my mother had cancer and I had to take care of her,” said Melanie, who is an only child, like her mother.

Steve has, however, asked Melanie in marriage a few years later, on may 18, 2014.

“But I lost my job five months later and we had some financial problems, so that my spouse can not work for health issues, said Melanie. We said, therefore, that it is because it is not due, we are going to do it again next year. “

But the misfortunes did not stop there for the couple of the Epiphany, then that Melanie has lost her mother, her step-father and his grand-father in five months, between October 2018 and march 2019.

“And a major water damage flooded the basement of the home of my mother I inherited, she told. We had just completed extensive renovations. “

The coronavirus

And in April 2019, they announced to their world that they were married in April 2020.

They were then sent out 125 invitations through invitations Save the Date with photos taken by a professional photographer where the two are dressed as grooms.

“I said to Melanie laughing in January 2020 : “well here that is what can happen to us for us to put a spoke in the wheel” ? ” recalled Steve.

Well ! the fate of the COVID has struck them upon their return from a trip to Las Vegas on the 11th of march, while the government of Quebec ordered the confinement in the days following.

“We hoped, we waited until the 1st of June and I was also in panic mode because all of my contracts of marriage were deferred,” said Melanie, who works in the decoration, where she has just contracts for weddings.

Behind closed doors

It has therefore opened a page on Facebook for the guests. She has done a survey to find out if they would accept that they celebrate their union this year behind closed doors, as the government allows.

Adding of course that they would make a ceremony of renewal of vows at the church the next year. “Everyone was okay and no one was angry, is excited about Melanie. It gave us a boost to go forward. “

They will marry, therefore, July 18, at the church of Saint-Jacques with a priest, two witnesses and the two girls, Melanie.

“It’s been six years that we defer, it happens to us always something, but here, this is not the COVID who is going to stop us,” says the groom.

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