The bride and groom of the pandemic: towards a season record for weddings in the summer of 2021

Les mariés de la pandémie: vers une saison record pour les mariages à l’été 2021

Because of all the weddings carried over to the next year, some providers fear that they may not be able to meet the demand for the summer of 2021, which already looks very busy.

“We are going to bleed from the nose ! “, launches as a joke the owner of the company WN Event, Stéphanie Allard.

“We will have broue in the forelock “, alleged the president of Carte Blanche, Robert Ledoux, who already foresees that his company expected to reach a turnover of 150 % in the summer of 2021.

The Journal spoke with several organizers of weddings, all of which have seen a large proportion of their contracts have to be postponed to the summer of 2021 due to the pandemic.

“There are still dates available, but it might be that we refuse customers because there are less and less available,’ points out Elizabeth Boudreau, owner of Elizabeth B. Weddings and Events in Quebec city.

Not just Saturdays

In our customs, most weddings are celebrated on Saturdays. However, Ms. Boudreau has not hesitated to ask some of his customers if they would celebrate their love on Friday or Sunday, because of the availability that is beginning to be rare.

By doing so, some organizers do not have other choice than to plan for three to four weddings per weekend, so that they are generally limited to two.

“We’re going to have to hire more staff, because these are days which are very long and exhausting. It begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 2 a.m., ” says Ms. Allard.

Higher costs ?

This situation may have an impact on the costs, consider several suppliers.

“If we need more servers on an event, the cost structure will change a little bit,” explains Marc-André Chartier, director of the catering Group’s Restaurants, Delights.

“It’s not going to increase $ 500, but there will be some increase in their share then it will be necessary, we also make decisions as to whether we adjust our prices,” says Ms. Allard.

Marriages in the year

The lack of availability of the reception rooms could also lead some couples to marry in the winter, analysis Melanie Goulet, the head of the Matchmaker.

Already, at the Auberge Saint-Antoine in Quebec city, the unions are planned for this winter. And the prices are often more advantageous than in the summer, confirms the director of sales, Cynthia Trudel.

— With the collaboration of Kathryne Lamontagne

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