The bride and groom of the pandemic: up 26 years later

Les mariés de la pandémie: se retrouver 26 ans plus tard

Separated from one another during more than 26 years, a couple of the Mauricie region, was certainly not going to let the COVID-19 stop them from achieving their dream and get married at the Château Frontenac this summer.

A native of the Côte-Nord, Marie-Josée Jean is in grade 5 when she met Dave Vigneault at Matane, at the beginning of the 1990s. “It was a first coup de foudre,” says Ms. Jean.

The union, however, will be short : Dave is studying outside the city and distance complicates the relationship. The lovers separate at the end of eight months.

Not less than 26 years have passed. Marie-Josée Jean has been married for 12 years, then had another relationship that lasted 14 years. For his part, Dave has had three children with a wife, with whom he spent more than 20 years.

The chemistry operates

It will have to wait at the end of the year 2015, while the brother of Mrs. Jean dies, in order for the duo to get in touch. The chemistry operates quickly.

Over the months, Marie-Josée Jean, who taught in Montreal, and Dave Vigneault, who worked in the Mauricie region, take pleasure in review, despite the distance that separated them.

“It was a second stroke of lightning,” says Ms. Jean, who left Montreal in 2018 to join her husband.

A marriage of the princess

Dave has done a great application on December 25 last year. The lovers decide to marry quickly, in an intimate ceremony in the Salon rose of the Château Frontenac.

“I’m afraid to travel. I never will go in Germany or Austria, but I love the castles. I wanted a real marriage. A beautiful wedding. A marriage of the princess”, she says while laughing.

The pandemic has obviously disrupted the plans. Until recently, the couple could only accommodate a portion of the 22 people who were to attend the wedding given the measures in force.

With the new rules for meetings, the engaged couple have finally right to all their guests.

“But without hesitation, they did. On July 20, at 16 h, we got married. It was this,” pleads Ms. Jean.

“We had tickets to the summer Festival, we had two beautiful weeks of vacation in July, we love the shows and the COVID has been dropped. We didn’t want to cancel the marriage more,” says his fiance.

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