The bride of “the Bachelor,” Dobrynin made a Frank admission, fans in despair: “Inside the web”

Невеста "Холостяка" Добрынина сделала откровенное признание, фанаты в отчаянии: "Внутри стержень"

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As you know, beloved, the famous Ukrainian TV presenter Darya Dobrynina Kvitkova actively engaged in your Instagram and often pleases fans a variety of photos, and sometimes videos. So, this time 21-year-old girl again made a surprise to fans, uploading a new picture.

It Kvitkova was photographed in a light summer suit beige, leaning against the wall. At the same time, under the photo, love Dobrynin admitted that she often faces criticism in the party.

“Every day I face criticism. Every day I read different articles, comments and messages. Most often, we are criticized by incompetent people or just rude… Write different charges or claims, inflating everything to the scale of the universe: you are beautiful, you do not have such fingers, the figure is horrible, bad photos or blog uninteresting,” she writes.

Невеста "Холостяка" Добрынина сделала откровенное признание, фанаты в отчаянии: "Внутри стержень"

Nikita Dobrynin and Dasha Kvitkova, photos instagram

Kvitkova also added that this is not worth doing, because this “incompetent No. criticism can cause a lot of grief.

“With these words they can lead people in the complexes and low self-esteem, and it could result in dire consequences. I wish you all were strong so you had a rod that does not break no one person who can only press the keyboard on the phone, writing texts non-constructive”, – she summed up.

A user of a social network, they agreed with her words, writing, “she said, all right”

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