The bride Rozenko has shown bathing with his “George”, “Why do you not stink?”

Невеста Розенко показала купание со своим "Жоржиком": "Почему ты не воняешь?"

Lybid and Rozenko, photo – Dialog

today, 11:57

As you know, the famous Ukrainian TV presenter Elena-Cristina Swan and the bride of the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rozenko, actively conducts its own Instagram, and often pleases fans of various photographs and snapshots.

So, this time a celebrity has posted the first video where she’s in the yellow bowl is washing your four-legged pet dog of George. And note that most fluffy, this idea is not liked, because only the presenter tried to RUB it, he started loudly growled.

“Jules, and you wonder why, when the doctor trims your claws, you don’t stink?”, celebrity appeals to your pet.

Невеста Розенко показала купание со своим "Жоржиком": "Почему ты не воняешь?"

Elena-Cristina Swan

Note that in the comments there were Ukrainians who came to taste this treatment of George: “So little,” and “my grandfather so Lada starts First time watched without sound. Thought nothing unusual: well, the dog with the Mat wash. The second time I looked. Thought, how such a little dog can produce such strange sounds.”

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