The bride Rozenko “huffing” spring and almost burned the house – “Oh +15”

Невеста Розенко "нанюхалась" весны и чуть не сожгла дом – "Ох, +15"

The bride Rozenko, photo: Instagram

today, 12:42

As you know, the famous Ukrainian TV presenter Elena-Cristina Swan and the bride is the former Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rozenko, actively leads his Instagram page and often pleases fans of various movies and images.

So, this time the celebrity published a photograph of her posing on stylish background graffiti with face of a woman. At the same time is the celebrity dressed in a red leather jacket, jeans and holds the keys to the car.

Невеста Розенко "нанюхалась" весны и чуть не сожгла дом – "Ох, +15"

The bride Rozenko, photo: Instagram

“I love the Spring in early March! When the spring beam cheerful Like sporting And like…if you turned off the iron this morning?! PS ran back,” – was signed briefly by the Swan.

The users of a movie like those peppered him with likes and comments on the fact that she looks fantastic, and also shared what the temperature was in their cities.

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Невеста Розенко "нанюхалась" весны и чуть не сожгла дом – "Ох, +15"

A screenshot of the message

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Earlier, the “Pink” bride Rozenko on the camera showed that she is able to produce mouth video.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia, the bride Rozenko “increase” in “Silpo” truck and almost welled up in him, videos.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that the bride Rozenko was in intensive care with a terrible head injury: what happened with Elena-Cristina Swan.

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