The bride Rozenko overdone with vegetarianism, here’s what happened: “It’s not galloni”

Невеста Розенко переборщила с вегетарианством, вот что произошло: "Это не галлюны"

today, 08:30

The bride is the former Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rozenko, TV presenter Elena-Cristina Swan has surprised its subscribers a photo with guests. In the photo she looks too thin.

Corresponding to the Elena-Cristina Swan was placed on the personal page in social network Instagram.

“The photo with the title: “Yes, exhale already! It’s not galyuny! It’s REALLY a HOLIDAY!“, says in the caption to the photo.

So, in the photo, which appeared in Instagram Elena-Cristina Swan, she poses in the open bathing suit, blue. On her face krasoti sunglasses.

Note that the bride Rozenko spoke about the current changes in my life. Long time fans of celebrity and tried to unravel the secret of its slenderness. However, the presenter assured that any secrets she’s not and she is not capricious in food. However, Swan admitted that they do not consume meat.

Невеста Розенко переборщила с вегетарианством, вот что произошло: "Это не галлюны"

Elena-Cristina Swan, photo: press-service of the New channel

I have no boast. I don’t need all these deflope. When the doctor explained that the ideal system is not to overload the body after the seventh, and he will gradually drop all the excess. I guess my body has time to reset, “- said TV presenter.

Now, however, Elena-Cristina Swan decided to radically change your diet and, in addition to meat, to give back of several of its products.

“ToAK-then suddenly, finally switched to veganism, she said. – Felt that even eggs and seafood caused my rejection. So I’m a herbivore and vodopia, “added the star.

We will remind, a scandalous bride Rozenko lit feminine charms in a plunging neckline.

Earlier Znayu reported, the bride Rozenko wanted to seduce the naked body, but the Ukrainians pointed out the obvious.

Also Znayu wrote, the bride Rozenko shared with the audience the most intimate, look how happy.

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