The bride Rozenko shocked fans with its… “end”: “are you all right?”

Невеста Розенко шокировала фанатов своим... "концом": "С вами все в порядке?"

The bride Rozenko, photos Hyser

today, 09:33

As you know, the famous Ukrainian TV presenter Elena-Cristina Swan and the bride of the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rozenko, actively leads his Instagram page and often pleases fans of various movies and images.

So, this time the star of “Scam network” has posted a video where she’s in white dress with pink flowers at first in slow motion going and trying to make a turnover around him, but stumbles and falls on the floor.

Невеста Розенко шокировала фанатов своим... "концом": "С вами все в порядке?"

Elena-Cristina Swan and Paul Rozenko

“The case when VIVA – dance – really hot” – ironically signed a movie celebrity.

Note that in the comments to this fall treated with understanding and even a little joke on celebrity: “You, probably, took courses on how to fall correctly in heels… Or just right to fall!” “Great! Especially the end, And it started so well”.

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