The brightest participant of the show “Top model in Ukrainian” became pregnant who is the father of the child

Самая яркая участница шоу "Топ-модель по-украински" забеременела: кто отец ребенка

Participant 4 season of the show “Top model in Ukrainian” Anastasia Gladchenko lit in the picture of your pregnant tummy. This sends Clutch.

Anastasia Gladchenko remembered by the audience of the reality show his nasty temper and the way active she changed guys. At the beginning of the season, the beauty turned his head to the winner Samuelle Tumanyan, and then had an affair with Mr stone. However, it seems that after the end of the show, the pair fled.

And on Thursday, may 9, 20-year-old model posted a photo which showed her clearly rounded tummy.

“Take care of mom’s daughters, I have a son!”, – signed photo of the participant of the show.

Fans of Nastya began to congratulate her in the comments.

“Be beautiful like you💜”, “Moï Tanna! ⭐ I ❤ this”, “would be correct. Raise good daughters, I grow a good son”, “Congratulations!❤ this💋”, “My bird, congratulations 🌿🔥”, “Babe, it’s cool” – written by users.

It is worth noting that while Gladchenko not disclose the name of the father of her child, but all the time.

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A post shared by Anastasia Gladchenko (@a__gladchenko) on Apr 21, 2019 at 1:00pm PDT

Earlier it was reported that a participant of popular show “Top model in Ukrainian” Anna Troyan was missing. 3 may, at about 22.00 the girl went for a walk around the underground of the Forest and never returned home.

This was reported by the boyfriend of Anna on his page in Instagram.

Самая яркая участница шоу "Топ-модель по-украински" забеременела: кто отец ребенка

He wrote that the girl out of juice on your mobile phone and that still has not made contact.

In Facebook another close person girls Anna Savchenko wrote about the disappearance:

“Friends, friends and simply not indifferent people! Please help! Gone girl, my native and my family – Anna Trojan. The last time I went to the link yesterday (3.05) at 22.00 at the metro Forest. If you have seen her or know any information about Anna, please respond or repost”.

Самая яркая участница шоу "Топ-модель по-украински" забеременела: кто отец ребенка

We will remind, Irina Bilyk showed a cute little boy, from young man.

Earlier Znayu reported, the grandmother of four grandsons conquered the podium.

Also Znayu wrote, head of the project “Top model in Ukrainian” Alena Zviryk left of the New channel.


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