The british government called for a “green stimulus” of the economy

Le gouvernement britannique appelé à une «relance verte» de l'économie

LONDON | The british government has a “unique opportunity” to combat climate change by re-launching the economy hit by the pandemic, estimated Thursday that an independent committee responsible for advising the authorities that proposes, for example, to move to “2032 or before” the deletion of the passenger cars and vans gasoline and diesel.

“The Uk is facing its biggest economic shock in a generation. At the same time, the global crisis of climate change is accelerating. We have a unique opportunity to come together to meet these pressing challenges,” said the chairman of the Committee on climate change, Lord Deben, in his annual report to Parliament released on Thursday.

The committee, which advises the government, argues that it would implement a “green stimulus” of the economy, with measures that will create jobs while contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Prime minister Boris Johnson should announce measures in the field of environment in the next few weeks, in the wake of this report. The Uk is already committed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The committee distinguishes five priority investments in the coming months, including the energy-efficient renovation and construction of energy efficient buildings.

It is also recommended to plant trees and restore bogs to obtain positive effects on the climate, biodiversity, air quality and flood prevention.

The committee also supports the development of electric vehicles, hoping for a complete removal of cars and vans on petrol and diesel “by 2032 or before’ advancing to the scheduled date of 2035. He calls to facilitate walking and cycling, and to develop the 5G and fiber needed to promote telework.

Finally, the committee calls for further efforts in recycling and waste disposal.

“We agree with the commission that the fight against climate change must be at the heart of our economic recovery,” said a government spokesman.

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