The british government puts the next phase of the déconfinement

Le gouvernement britannique reporte la prochaine phase du déconfinement

The british government has decided to postpone for at least two weeks the next phase of the déconfinement in England, scheduled for Saturday with the reopening of some public places, due to an increase in cases of new coronavirus announced on Friday, prime minister Boris Johnson.

Citing the latest data on the prevalence of the novel coronavirus, the conservative leader said that “with these numbers increasing, we believe that it is necessary to press the brake pedal to keep the virus under control.”

Casinos, lounges, bowling alleys, skating rinks were to reopen Saturday as well as the theaters. Wedding receptions up to 30 people also had to be re-permitted.

Applied for the moment to the shops, the obligation to wear a mask will also be extended from 8 August to other places such as museums, theatres, cinemas and places of worship.

“I know that the measures that we take will be a real blow to a lot of people, for all those whose wedding plans were disrupted, or who cannot now celebrate Eid, as they would like,” said Boris Johnson in a press conference. “And I’m really, really sorry, but we can not just take risk.”

In a weekly study to be published Friday, the Office for national statistics (ONS) concludes that a rise in infections with the novel coronavirus. According to the ONS, between the 20th and the 26th of July, there were approximately 0,78 new contamination to the COVID-19 per 10,000 in England, or approximately 4200 new cases per day. This represents an increase compared to the 2800 new cases estimated per day in the previous week.

“What we see from the data of the NSO and other data, is that we have probably reached the limits of what we can do in terms of openness of society”, said the sides of Mr. Johnson, the physician-in-chief Chris Whitty.

In the Face of the upsurge of cases of COVID-19, new restrictions are imposed to the inhabitants of some parts of the north of England since Friday.

The inhabitants of Greater Manchester, parts of East Lancashire and West Yorkshire have now the prohibition to meet other people inside of their homes or in their gardens.

The scottish government has announced that it advises against all travel to these regions.

“To make sure you don’t add to their problem and to minimize the risk of subsequent transmission here, the scottish government STRONGLY discourages non-essential travel between Scotland and these regions of the north of England,” announced the first minister of scotland Nicola Sturgeon on Twitter.

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