The British made fun of the hairstyle of a young offender: photo

Jermaine Taylor criticized due to its unusual appearance

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Британцы высмеяли прическу молодого преступника: фото

Hairstyle offender laugh network

Photo 21-year-old Jermaine Taylor, which appeared in the official Facebook group of the city police Gwent (Wales, UK), became viral and gathered thousands of comments. Network users under this picture began to laugh at the hairstyle of a young offender.

In September 2017, a man was sentenced to three years in prison for drug trafficking. In December of the following year the offender was released on parole, however, again violated the law and fled.

Law enforcement authorities have requested from the network user with any information about Taylor, but nick paid attention to his hair. “I think his hair also started to run,” wrote a commentator under the name Nick slick Mick, emphasizing his bald head the fugitive. “My genealogy and the comparison is not with his “tree” on the head,” sneered Callum Duff.

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“Please do not forget that insult people on social networks is illegal. I advise you to be careful. Your rude remarks may be of interest to investigators,” wrote militiamen a day after publication.

Earlier “Today,” wrote 28-year-old actor Christiano Braga from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, who complains of the difficulties he had to face because of the “too posh hair” long 70 centimeters. In addition, we described how living the girl with the anomaly of “frizzy hair syndrome”.

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Британцы высмеяли прическу молодого преступника: фото

Британцы высмеяли прическу молодого преступника: фото

Британцы высмеяли прическу молодого преступника: фото


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