The Broncos show

Les Broncos manifestent

Fifty players and coaches of the Broncos took part in a peaceful demonstration against police brutality and racial injustices, Saturday, in Denver.

Athletes marched with the protesters and spoke to them. They have also met with representatives of the government.

“As a man of african-american, I am unable to say what it makes me to see so many people of different colors to demonstrate their solidarity, he said in the marauder Justin Simmons to the crowd. […] Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The initiative of the Broncos fits in with that of hundreds of NFL players who have spoken or who have manifested, in order that systemic racism is countered in the United States. Last week, the murder of George Floyd, an African-American, by a white policeman of Minnesota has shocked and launched a protest movement monster in the country of Uncle Sam.

Friday, players from the Jacksonville Jaguars had organized a similar march to that of the Broncos.

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