The brother of George Floyd implores the Congress to “end the suffering” of African-Americans

Le frère de George Floyd implore le Congrès de «mettre un terme à la souffrance» des Afro-Américains

The brother of George Floyd urged on Wednesday the Congress of the United States “to put an end to the suffering “of African-Americans and” hear the call ” of the street, to reform the forces of law and order.

“I’m here to ask you to put an end to the suffering, to put an end to our exhaustion “, was launched in front of a parliamentary committee Philonise Floyd, whose brother was killed on 25 may in Minneapolis by a white policeman.

Very moved, he explained, “not to be able to describe the pain,” feels like watching the video of the martyrdom of his brother, was asphyxiated by officer Derek Chauvin, who remained kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

“It may be that in speaking to you today, I could make it so that it is not death for nothing, that it does not become just a face on T-shirts, another name on a list that continues to grow,” said Philonise Floyd before the judiciary committee of the House of representatives, democratic majority.

“Please, listen to my call, listen to the calls of my family, the calls that come from the street in the world,” he added in reference to the protests that followed the death of his brother, the most important since the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

“Honor them and adopt the necessary reforms to ensure that the security forces are the solution and not the problem,” argued the middle-aged, the day after the funeral of her brother in Houston, Texas.

“Make sure they are accountable when they act badly, teach them to treat people with empathy and respect and teach them what is necessary force, and that lethal force should only be applied when a life is at stake “, he enumerated.

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