The brothers Tadros are experts

Les frères Tadros sont des experts

There has been much talk recently of the views fun of Lucie Laurier and Georges Laraque on the vaccines, the COVID-19, etc

But it has not yet shined our spotlight on two stars in quebec who have distinguished themselves by the originality of their words. And I named the brothers Tadros, the twin singers Eric and Daniel.

Wake up !

On their pages Facebook, you can find lots of thoughts that I share here with you (without correcting their mistakes).

“A FEW LIES THAT WE HAVE FLOODING OF OUR GOVERNMENTS : 2020 Crisis of the Corona virus. 2003 “Weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq. 1972 Scandal Watergate. 1962 The cuban missile crisis Cuban. 1939 The Nazi propaganda against the jews.”

Yes, yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, dare to compare Arruda and Goebbels… When a surfer suggests : “You could add the Kennedy assassination and the towers of the September 11, 2001,” our friend, Tadros replies : “Yes, but the list would be too long “.

Here is what they post without a point, without a comma : “Of the masked people everywhere during the summer for a flu less dangerous than influenza while the government tries to give all the power unlimited, enabling him to override the charter of rights and freedoms for inoculating all the world’s a vaccine designed prior to the isolation of the virus threat, someone who wants a donut fines of $ 6,000 for failing to cover his nose so that the mask is supposed to retain the droplets of talking to them…man, I can almost imagine the willpower it takes not to become complotiste at this time! ”

Me too, I can barely imagine it.

“Wake up and talk to adults with the evidence that this FLU pimpée and accompanied by a big campaign of press relations of the world you have bernée crossée, taken advantage of !! “

I did not know that the brothers Tadros held a doctoral degree in epidemiology, but, in their videos, they exclaim : “You are all brainwashés, it is a flu like any other. The other flu’s, do you put masks ? “.

So why is that the government imposes on us there this mask useless ? “Because, READ MY LIPS, this is a agenda The country on a global level seek the interest of the money.

He want to get out Trump, because it is the only one who does not follow the interests of the encompassing “.

Seems to Me that it is clear !

The brothers Tadros encourage traders to lodge a complaint against the Dr Horracio Arruda small claims ” for loss of income and enjoyment caused by actions that are not necessary and unfair.

They encourage us to complain to the ombudsman ” for the obligation to wear a mask.”

They propose to write to the mayor of Montreal’s Valerie Plante (giving his address) with the following message : “Madam mayor, I would prefer that you wear a muzzle instead of your mask.”

And if a web user is advised to write them : “Sorry, but you are ridiculous. Tell you ! There is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC ! “the Tadros reply was :” Lol, spell your head in the sand “.

Do your research

But I confess that the sentence of the brothers Tadros that touched me most is the following : “Your mask stops the virus as much as your t-shirt stops the bullets.”

That, friends, is the reflection !

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