The Browns open the machine in the 2nd half

The Browns open the machine in the 2nd half


The Cleveland Browns took advantage of the Pittsburgh Steelers' lack of consistency to win 29-17 Thursday at FirstEnergy Stadium. 

Shooting Trailing by a point at halftime, the hosts took control of the duel and outscored the Steelers 16-3 in the final 30 minutes.

On the last play of the game, Denzel Ward took advantage of a Mitchell Trubisky turnover in the end zone to nail the visitors coffin.

The Browns' trusted man behind center pending the end of Deshaun Watson's suspension, Jacoby Brissett has fulfilled his mandate. The 29-year-old quarterback threw two touchdown passes and had no interceptions. He completed 21 of his 31 stints for 220 yards by air.

His favorite targets were, unsurprisingly, Amari Cooper and David Njoku. Both authors of a major, they amassed respectively 101 and 89 yards.

Star running back Nick Chubb scored the Browns' other touchdown on a one-yard run in the fourth quarter .

Trubisky only managed one major, by running. Najee Harris also carried the ball in the pay zone.

The Steelers quarterback hit the target on 20 of 32 passes and rushed for 207 yards.

The Browns (2 -1) thus temporarily took first place in the North American section, while the Steelers (1-2) fell to third place.