The BTS will soon be you learn Korean easily

Les BTS vont bientôt vous apprendre le coréen facilement

The BTS will soon be you learn Korean

You’re a fan of BTS but don’t understand what they sing and say ? Ca tombe bien, Big Hit Entertainmement launched in march a program to easily learn Korean thanks to Jungkook, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V. song Lyrics, speeches, blogs… A way to learn while still being more of a fan of the froupe of K-pop !

The phenomenon BTS is a reality, to such a point that it is the subject of music which has been the most talked about on Twitter in 2019 in front of Ariana Grande, Drake, Rihanna or Cardi B. And it is not near to calm down. While fans await a new album titled “Map of the Soul: 7” for the February 21, the group of K-pop made up of Jungkook, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and V has announced a world tour entitled “Map of the Soul” by 2020. But this is not all.

A program to learn Korean with BTS…

Among the many surprises that reserve the singers to their fans in 2020, is a program to learn Korean with BTS ! Bang Si-Hyuk, founder of Big Hit Entertainment, announced the news during a conference : “We are preparing educational content for our fans to learn Korean. Many of them can not take full advantage of the content of Big Hit because of the barrier of language. The foreign media indicate that there are more applications for learn Korean through K-pop, but the means for the fans to learn Korean easily remain limited.”

… and soon other artists of K-pop ?

Actually, many fans are interested in the language after having discovered the group of K-pop and many blogs and fansites are dedicated to the study of Korean, thanks to content that is Bangtan. Titled “Learn Korean with ease”, the program is expected to be launched in march and will be based on songs, on episodes of Run BTS !, on blogs, or even on the speech of the singers. If it will primarily of the content in connection with BTS, Big Hit wants to eventually expand to other artists of K-pop who belong to his label.

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