The bubble pete

La balloune pétée

Oh ! It is not very serious as the title. However, no image can better represent what happened in Canada Justin Trudeau this week. A nice big bubble of pink… which explodes. And all realize that this was only the air.

The vote to bring Canada to the security Council of the UN must become the consecration of the great success of Justin Trudeau on the international stage. The story was well-presented : Canada, become despised in the world because of the evil Harper, was the path of universal love. Animated by the generous support of Justin, the bearer of all good causes, the “best” country in the world would be the most loved.

But all this was only boiled for the cats.

Canada has never dropped as low as Stephen Harper that what the team Trudeau told with the help of some media. And the assumed return in full force, from Canada, pulled by the superhero Justin with his cape never took place. This was all a story, of the wind, of the air.

Catastrophic result

Several analysts have pointed out : the result of Canada has been worse this year than the slap in the face of ten years ago. Less votes for the Canada facing opponents much smaller. Yet, Justin Trudeau has campaigned, made promises, distributed our money, in the hope to convince poorer countries to express their love for Canada.

The supposed policy back in force Justin Trudeau in the world is therefore a failure. But it was based on what, exactly, is this policy ? Essentially, one thing : the themes in fashion. Justin Trudeau put on socks to be the fashion to wear on the international stage to the causes of the mode.

The environment, multiculturalism, and feminism, we can be sympathetic to the themes. But let’s be serious. The great political leaders on the world stage, look at the stakes at the bottom, they measure the credibility of their vis-à-vis, they weigh the interests of their country. They do not allow themselves to be moved by the rhetoric on good causes.

Taken seriously ?

Justin Trudeau has made a strong impression in his first few months in the freshness of the discourse. However, all have well felt by the result that many of its good intentions did not on a reflection or on a strategy of results. Words, words and words again. Ah, yes… and also a picture ! We wonder if he is still taken seriously by the other leaders.

Let’s hope at least that this week, the Trudeau government has taken its lesson. Canada should not be the gentle dreamer who is joined to all the movements to be in the wind. Canada should pursue a strategy of international relations that is based on his interest, his economy, with allies and other countries before that it is better to stand up for its principles.

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