The bulls faced a crowd during the running of the bulls in Valencia

Стадо быков столкнулось с толпой во время энсьерро в Валенсии

Стадо быков столкнулось с толпой во время энсьерро в Валенсии

The bulls faced a crowd during the running of the bulls in Valencia

In Valencia during the traditional running of the bulls through the streets of a flock of angry animals showed their character.

23 may 2019 13:14

In Spain, preserved the ancient national custom of running of the bulls (in Spanish encierro, from encerrar — to lock): let out of a corral of bulls, cows or calves, and people run away from them. The entire route is about one kilometer long fenced wooden barriers from bars. Runners can be everyone from members of local clubs of fans of bullfighting to foreign tourists. Incidents, including fatal, but this does not deter thrill-seekers.

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Outside of Spain’s most famous bull run is available in French Bayonne, and at home extreme tradition is the most popular event held in Pamplona in July, during the celebrations of SV. Fermin. In the rest of the year, running of the bulls can be found throughout the country, though on a smaller scale. Recently, the race of the bulls took place in Valencia, in Almazora, and almost ended in tragedy.

A flock of angry animals faced the crowd. One man, the bull knocked down and tossed into the air. The man fell directly under the hooves and suffered serious injuries, but miraculously managed to survive. Another three people were injured, but the hospital didn’t begin to address.

Animal advocates for decades trying to fight running of the bulls. Unlike bullfighting, where the bull actually condemned to death, here the animal remains alive, so the voices of the activists almost nobody listens. The arguments that the animals are under stress and get psychological injuries, not to convince supporters of the traditions. We only know about the two Mexican cities that have abolished in their territory such fun.

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