“The butterfly effect”: to achieve its wildest dreams

«L’effet papillon»: réaliser ses rêves les plus fous

MONTREAL – You can pet a ton of dreams and have the guts to perform on tv? Us TV is currently in search of a trio of friends decided to check all the elements of his “bucket list” (“to do before you die”) for its new documentary series, The butterfly effect.

The meteorologist, the american Edward Lorenz asked in 1963, if a flutter of butterfly wings in Brazil could cause a tornado in Texas, marking the first time the principle of “the butterfly effect”. It is on this premise that underpins the new issue of U.s.-oriented and beneficent, whose 13 episodes will be aired in the spring of 2021.

“The philosophy of departure, it is to believe that our dreams are essential to create a better world,” explains Marie-Anne Grenon, content producer at Toast Studio, which is piloting the project. From this idea, we say that it is only by exceeding itself, by taking small actions, by doing good and leading the people around us which, in turn, has a significant impact on the self and on its environment. With our participants, a small positive gesture in Winnipeg will have a butterfly effect on another challenge in British Columbia, and create a loop.”

Because the playing field of the three adventurer(ère)s The butterfly effect will extend to the greatness of Canada. We are looking for boys and girls on(s)and attaching(e)s, uni(e)s by a solid friendship, which will support, or will give a boost to, in the fulfilment of their desires.

Everything is allowed!

All the ambitions are possible to The butterfly effect. The fantasies of the most extreme like the more simple, the more wacky as the most unlikely, will be considered, within the limits of legality. Whether it’s overcoming a fear or personal to establish a humanitarian movement, we hope to alternate between moments of dazzling and emotional.

An amateur painter who dream of exhibiting his paintings in a museum could do a tour of the art galleries of the country to convince a commissioner to integrate his works at his museum, or will have to find another way to show his work in public. A granddaughter could accompany him on a ranch as cowboy to his grandmother, who was deathly afraid of horses. A(e) other might from in search of a kindergarten teacher memorable, or a cousin lost sight of.

“If the dream to someone is to make a parachute, it is a little flat, it has been seen a million times, says Marie-Anne Grenon. But this person could be landed by parachute in the court of someone to ask a good deed, for example.”


The candidates to The butterfly effect, undertake to be available between 40 and 60 days for the needs of the shoot in the next few months – especially this fall, which includes the time of travel between the different provinces of Canada.

Of course, we will take into account the COVID-19 in the implementation of the challenges, and we will likely see some of the masked people and moved away to the screen, but there is no question of sacrificing the essence of the concept to assign to the whims of the pandemic, provides Marie-Anne Grenon.

“We will not have the choice to be limited, but we want to keep our plans in the activities. If one decides to go climb the highest mountain in Canada, we don’t want to end at mont Saint-Hilaire because of the COVID!”

You can subscribe to The butterfly effect until August 2, while visiting the tv5unis.ca.

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