The Caf teams from Béziers manage the Pass'Colo: “Recognition of the work accomplished”, rejoices Thierry Mathieu

The Caf teams from Béziers manage the Pass'Colo: "Recognition of the work accomplished", rejoices Thierry Mathieu

Thierry Mathieu hopes to benefit from this system to 100,000 young people by 2027. Free Midday

VaCaf, managed by the Caf de l'Hérault in Béziers, was entrusted with the management of this ministerial system of aid for vacation departures for 10-11 year olds residing in homes with a monthly income of maximum 4,000 €. A boon for its director, Thierry Mathieu, who wishes to develop the activities of Caf 34.

Last Friday July 28, at the Mer et Soleil holiday center in Valras-Plage, Thierry Mathieu was very proud to see his counterparts involved in social and solidarity tourism talking about the Pass'Colo. This ministerial system of which the VaCaf teams, managed by the Family Allowance Fund (Caf) of Hérault in Béziers, have been designated managers. However, the director of Caf 34 s'promised not to go into that area. "It's a system that complements those already existing", he rejoiced quite briefly, in front of the representatives of the Region and the National Union of Tourism Associations (Unat).

This Tuesday, August 1, five days after the official announcement by the Minister of Solidarity and Families, Aurore Bergé, Thierry Mathieu remains as proud as ever of the "recognition& ;quot; that the State services had towards "the work accomplished by the VaCaf teams in Béziers". In addition, he took the opportunity to clarify this device.

200 € at 350 € paid to a third party payer

"The objective is to be able to say that before entering middle school, all the children have gone on vacation at least once, he says. This is why the Pass'Colo targets an age group: 10-11 years old. In other words, CM2 students before returning to 6th grade. With the desire to extend this holiday assistance to the middle classes. "All households with a monthly income of maximum 4,000 € will be entitled to it,” assures Thierry Mathieu.

Management of Pass'Colo creates jobs

If the Pass'Colo will benefit young people, it can also have an impact on the economy of the sector. Indeed, VaCaf, manager of the system, already employs 27 permanent agents and 45 seasonal workers, but, by entrusting the Pass'Colo to the Biterroise teams, the State indirectly allows Caf 34 to recruit & quot;at least three or four people in 2024, and perhaps more in 2025 depending on the workload,quot; says Thierry Mathieu, director of Caf de l'Hérault. He continues: "In ten years, this will mean nearly 145 long-term jobs created on the Béziers site!" 

The VaCaf teams from Béziers are now working on the implementation of the entire system. From the eligibility criteria for holiday centers, to communication, including the creation of an internet simulator, Thierry Mathieu hopes to be able to receive the first reservations in March 2024. "D&# “By October or November, we are going to launch a communication campaign to allow all those who are eligible for this assistance to be informed,” he explains. Then, in December, we will create a website, with a simulator. This way, families will know exactly how much they will still have to pay. There will be no advance required. This is a third-party payment. The manager pays the 200 to 350 &euro directly to the holiday center. to which families are entitled as part of the Pass'Colo. Parents pay the difference."

"By 2027, we would like 100,000 young people to be able to benefit from the Pass'Colo"< /h2>

In its desire for "development of activities" within the Caf de l'Hérault, Thierry Mathieu is satisfied to see that such a public policy is entrusted to the Béziers teams. And he displays his ambitions regarding this system: "For the first summer, in 2024, we hope to allow 45,000 children to leave. But, by 2027, we would like 100,000 young people aged 10-11 to benefit from it."

These new college students will be added to the 60,000 children, of all ages, who already benefit from VaCaf aid.

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