The calendar is accurate in Europe

The authorities of Formula 1 are expected to unveil early next week a tentative schedule that will include eight races, all held in Europe, and behind closed doors.

The pandemic of the COVID-19 has forced the postponement or cancellation of the first 10 stages of the season. It was learned on Thursday that the Grand Prix of the netherlands, who was to celebrate his return after 35 years of absence, has been officially cancelled.

Everything seems to indicate that the kick-off will be given in Austria for two races planned on the 5 and 12 July. A stop in Hungary would be on the July 19, before the great circus of F1 is heading to England (Silverstone) to another dual program, on 2 and 9 August. Barcelona would follow a week later.

In the latter case, we learn that the Spanish government would have agreed, in concert with the promoter, to pay the entry fee charged by F1. In return, the Grand Prize, which was in the end of the contract in 2020, has obtained the guarantee that the agreement would be extended for one year. In addition, the Grands Prix of Belgium (30 August) and Italy (6 September) would be held on the dates listed on the initial schedule announced in November last year.

In July

Everything is complicated by the following. To validate his championship, the F1 is required to submit events on three continents. Due to the pandemic and the reluctance of the governments concerned, it is necessary to expect several packages, in China, Japan and Singapore. The F1 could make only one stop in Asia and it is in Vietnam, including the race, scheduled for April 5, has been shifted to a later date.

Because of all these uncertainties, the F1 will be waiting at the beginning of July to disclose the second portion of the calendar which must include the sleeves outside of Europe.

The F1 held at Montreal

The Canadian Grand Prix, postponed from 7 April, is always in the spotlight of F1. It could take place at the end of September. However, it is too early to know if the spectators
will be admitted to the circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. If there is a race that has the most likely to take place in the Americas, it is in Montreal.

One whispers that the cloth burns between the F1 and the owner of the circuit of Austin. So well that it was probably attended by 2019 at the last Us GP in Texas. Brazil and Mexico are highly affected by the pandemic, would be two other stops vulnerable.

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