The call for help of a young stranger heard on the web

L’appel à l’aide d’une jeune inconnue entendu sur le web

A teacher in Terrebonne and his 11 year old daughter managed to save a strange girl in New Brunswick who wanted to commit suicide, after having reacted quickly to his cry from the heart launched on the social networks.

“Emma has had the reflex to say that it was a call to the rescue and that it was serious. We already spoke about here. […] Mental health, bullying, these are things that must be denounced. This is not a “stooler” to talk about it, is to do his duty of a citizen ” said Caroline Thériault, proud of the reaction of his daughter.

On Thursday evening, arriving home around 23: 30, the mother of Emma Desmeules, 11 years old, saw that his daughter was waiting on the doorstep, with a serious air.

“At this time, however, it is supposed to be lying, she says, and she is not supposed to hang out on the internet “.

However, the girl came to view, on the social network TikTok, the heart cry of a young, unknown, anonymous, who said in English want to put an end to his days at midnight the same evening.

“I told myself that at worst, I would be in trouble. I said to myself “the video is serious, I’m going to show it to my mother and there may be consequences, but at least I’ll have done the right thing”, ” says Emma.

Together, they have decided to call the police, even if the other members of the family did not seem too convinced that it was worth the money, believing that it would be impossible to find the young, if it was indeed a call for help.

Submitted to the RCMP

Their reporting has been taken “very seriously” by the police of Terrebonne, which has retonti in the family to learn more about the young stranger.

Not knowing where it could come from the video, the police quickly transferred the investigation to the royal Canadian mounted police, which has been able to find the 14 year-old girl in New Brunswick.

“This is [an hour] later in the Maritimes, the police arrived in time. She had to be hospitalized. It was a valid complaint, she was actually in danger, ” says dr. Thériault.

The young Acadian is now safe at the hospital, they learned on Friday, their biggest relief.

6000 people

“The police told me that there are 6000 people who have seen the clip, and that person has not called. It is often that people think that this is not true. “It’s just the internet, it is of the show’, ” says the mom.

Teacher at polyvalente Armand-Corbeil Terrebonne, Caroline Thériault believes that it would be necessary to raise the awareness of young people to this kind of situation, in addition to encourage parents to be more attentive.

“They should be more on the lookout, and be more understanding when our children speak to us of situations like this, don’t just say “it causes me trouble to call the police”, she adds. You have to get involved and take this seriously. ”

What is TikTok ?

TikTok is a mobile application that is very popular with young people where the users interact between them through creative movies of short duration.

Often humorous, these small capsules of staging, choreography, or video-type lip-sync using the popular song of the time.

When a “trend” – that is to say, a trend gaining in popularity, users give themselves the challenge of trying to reproduce it, adding their grain of salt.

Created in 2016 in China, this social network has over 500 million active users each month, according to the latest data published by the South China Morning Post.

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