The Can-Am Ryker, a nice alternative

Le Can-Am Ryker, une belle alternative

An alternative to what? After a few days spent behind the wheel of this racing car, it is very difficult to categorize.

It is certainly not a car, but bike riders might not qualify as well. Nevertheless, the Ryker stands out by handling that much different from what was proposed in the Can-Am F3 Spyder and the RT. Sensations that approximate a bit more of the motorcycle or snowmobile… but without the snow!

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The Ryker target so a customer who, in most cases, has never owned a ” toy ” in the past. A younger clientele, in search of excitement, and whose needs are urban. Thus, rare are those who troqueront their powerful Mustang against such a thing, the people preferring to turn to the RT, whose starting price is three times as high.

So, how much for the Can-Am Ryker? Just over 10 000 $, of course for an entry-level model. The invoice can then increase to 2 000 $ to get a more powerful engine, and close to 15 000 $ for a version Rally, the one that I’ve been able to put it to the test for the purposes of this column. A more adventurous woman, able to cope with unpaved roads, not allowing you to not, however, to ride coast to coast in the middle of a forest. Don’t forget that the accessories could push the total bill to nearly $ 20,000, if you ” let it go slack “.

Like the other models of the family, the Can-Am Ryker has been designed and developed here in Quebec. However, his position was given to a mexican plant, which, of course, reduces costs, and promotes a price of entry as low.

Let’s be clear, the Ryker is not designed for long rides on the highway. A Montreal-Quebec city could be a daunting task, especially because at highway speeds, stability becomes an issue. Weighing only 600 pounds, the vehicle also has a tendency to give the impression that it floats, if you dare to push it at excessive speeds. Because of this, consider it as an ideal in the city or on secondary roads.

With a engine Rotax three-cylinder 900 cc, the version Rally impresses by its power. Acceleration is lively, bordering on the exotic, a comment that also applies to times, always optimal. It must be said that unlike the other models of the family Can-Am, the Ryker uses a automatic transmission to continuous variation which contributes surprisingly to the driving pleasure.

On a standing start , the Ryker leaves just the right amount of latitude in making skate slightly the rear wheel, before you provide a maximum of grip. It’s the same in the turn, where the machine allows for slight oversteer before the electronic stability control takes gradually over. Those who want to enjoy a little more latitude in this chapter can also select a Sport mode, granting, moreover, this small dose of aggressiveness additional.

The wine route

This is a playground par excellence for this kind of vehicle. A winding road to perfection, located in the Cantons-de-l’est, allowing us to both enjoy the great outdoors and the skills of driving a racing car, that you appreciate especially at speeds up to 80 or 90 km/h.

Cornering, overtaking and avoidance of obstacles is always carried out with great ease, and with this feeling of being one with the machine. The rises in mode are also a nice dose of fun, which would of course be less exciting with the entry-level model, producing 50 horsepower (compared to 82 for the Rotax 900).

Now, that said wine Route in said vineyards. And although it is wise to do nothing to eat when we combine these visits to the conduct of such a meteor, there is no reason to bring back a few bottles at home. However, the almost total lack of storage on the Ryker comes quickly limit your cravings for shopping, unless, of course, have recourse to cabinets of storage optional. Otherwise, you will not get that an empty-pockets not lockable, forcing you to lug all your personal effects at the lower stop.

It’s also important not to consider the Ryker as a vehicle that is designed for rides both. Understand that the secret of the pleasure held here in the power to weight ratio, and that the addition of a second occupant considerably interfering with the pleasure. As with a personal watercraft.

The fever Ryker?

It is easy to catch the fever Ryker! And since the vehicle is accessible, a lot of people who have never even imagined ride something other than a bike could suddenly jump into the adventure.

Then know that to do this, a compulsory course of a duration of a day is necessary, if you are not the holder of a motorcycle license. A course that will also allow you to conduct all models of family, and that is offered with the purchase of a motorcycle three-wheel Can-Am. Because yes, it is as well that BRP refers to its vehicles, that I wish to challenge, since there were few riders who, usually side, dared to lift a finger to greet me when I met, with the exception of the drivers… Can-Am product.

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